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Germanium Cosmético para el Tratamiento de la Psoriasis - germanium, crema, gel hidratante, psoriasis
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Germanium - Cosmético coadyuvantes de la psoriasis
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J. M. P. (39 years old)

"The area where I have psoriasis is the face and the truth is that I don’t feel like going to job interviews. I didn’t look for work because I had a complex. I have tried many things. Together with my two nieces who also have psoriasis, we received a product from the USA. The truth is that with G I have got rid of psoriasis and now the signs are not visible. Now I feel like going to work."

A. G. M. (49 años)

"As I am a bank manager, for me, it was a real effort and I felt awkward to have to shake hands with numerous clients as this is my most affected area. I know psoriasis is not contagious    and people in general know this; however I understand that it can’t be very pleasant to shake hands under these circumstances. I must say that I have used all sorts of products and some of which have improved things slightly but just temporarily. Now, G has made me feel confident to have contacts with many people and I am able to shake hands without concerns."

J.L. (37 años)

"In summer and winter, I have to wear long sleeve garments as I am a waiter in a bar where we lay tables in the street during summer months and each time I serve customers they look at my arms because of psoriasis. I never managed to solve this problem with the products I used, they were many to say the least and some of which are a fraud, I kept on suffering from hot conditions due to wearing long sleeve shirts in order to cover this area. I don’t know how to use Internet but my son is quite good at it and has helped me to find G, I am very glad he has because it is perfect."

START: Photo of the arm before starting the treatment

After 21 DAYS, seems that the symptoms of psoriasis have quite diminished

After 35 DAYS the symptoms of psoriasis are at a minimum

N.J.J. (34 años)

"I am a beautician and some time ago I started having eczemas between the fingers of my hand. I felt itchy and scratchy, so I went to the doctor’s who said that I had dermatitis. Because of my work I have to use creams and liquids which contain chemical products, so the healing was not effective. I tried G because of a client’s daughter who bought it on the internet and it produced good results. My client encouraged me to order G through her daughter because I don’t understand computers well. I am happy and now I recommend it all my clients."

Customer (22 years old)

"I have psoriasis and I am still young. I have suffered from it for many years. I have been to the doctor’s and with the corticoid cream which he prescribed, I got rid of it immediately.    Through the internet Chats, which talked about psoriasis, I became aware of the inconveniences that this type of pomade caused as I had been already told by the doctor of such inconveniences. Thanks to my way of naturalist thinking, I kept on searching for possible natural remedies: special diets, plant infusions and other remedies, and none worked well. I got to know G and it seemed one of many products sold on the market via internet to heal psoriasis. However, on reading your webpage in depth, I thought this product confines within my natural way of thinking and I could try it. I ordered the gel which lasted almost a month and the results were excellent. It didn’t eliminate psoriasis in 2 – 3 days as corticoids would, but instead it improved my condition gradually and finally, approximately in month, I was fully healed."



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