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Germanium - Cosmético coadyuvantes de la psoriasis
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do GERMANIUM products have corticoids?
How long can I use them for?
Can it be used in the areas adjacent to the eyes?
How effective are the GERMANIUM products?
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Do GERMANIUM products have corticoids
No. its formulation is based on active vegetal substances. Corticoids are medicine. GERMANIUM products are cosmetics.
How long can I use them for?
The time you may consider appropriate. There is no maximum time of use. GERMANIUM is a product which has been developed to comply with all European Union Normatives on cosmetics. It is not a medicine.
Can I use it on large areas of my skin?
Yes. Its active components are not harmful for your health. It can be used both on small and large areas.
Can it be used in the areas adjacent to the eyes?
Yes. As long as you take care with not penetrating the eye area. It is advisable to use GERMANIUM CREMA (CREAM) in these cases.
When should we use GERMANIUM PEELING?
GERMANIUM PEELING is used when there is a lot of desquamation, for example on the elbows or knees and where the accumulation of dead cells does not allow GERMANIUM GEL or GERMANIUM CREMA (CREAM) to come in contact with the vital cells and allow it to be eliminated.
When my psoriasis has disappeared, shall I stop using GERMANIUM?
No. Psoriasis is a disease that has no cure at present. You can use it once a day to see if the symptoms remain absent.
How effective are the GERMANIUM products?
They are effective in more than 80% of the cases treated according to the tests. The remission of symptoms is produced in just 30 days.
Is GERMANIUM effective in all types of psoriasis?
It is effective in psoriasis en plaque, guttata (in gout) and inverse.
In the cases of inverse psoriasis, we recommend GERMANIUM CREMA (CREAM) and the treatment should be prolonged compared to other treatments.
When should I use GERMANIUM GEL?
When your psoriasis does not produce itchiness. When you like cosmetics with little greasy tact. When the area of application is covered with hair or its adjacent areas have the same problem. In some cases its use may produce some itchy feeling for 2 – 3 days, which disappears afterwards.
When should I use GERMANIUM CREMA (CREAM)?
In those cases in which psoriasis produces itchiness. Also in the areas of desquamated cell accumulation, you should apply it after using GERMANIUM PEELING. In the areas adjacent to your eyes and avoid reaching the inner parts of these.
How many times should I apply the GERMANIUM products?
GERMANIUM GEL and GERMANIUM CREMA (CREAM) should be applied twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.
GERMANIUM PEELING should be applied 2 – 3 times a week in those cases for which it is recommended.
Is psoriasis contagious?
No, this disease is not contagious.

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